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Initial Consultation

Before getting started with therapy, we offer a free phone consultation to get you acquainted with my approach. We will briefly discuss your history and what you are looking for in therapy. Then we will schedule the first appointment and you will be asked to fill out new patient paperwork online.

The First Session

Your first therapy is a bit different from our follow-up sessions. Typically our goal is to obtain a thorough background and history, and to discuss goals for treatment. At the end of the session, we will provide you with impressions and recommendations for therapy.

Follow-up Sessions

Although each follow-up session will differ, our mission is to support change. We will discuss your symptoms, current stressors, relationship issues, etc. We will also be introducing a variety of strategies for more effective coping. You will work closely with your therapist to make therapy what you need it to be!



The fee for an individual or couples therapy session with one of our licensed psychologists is $200 per 45-minute session. We do not charge more for first time appointments. Assessments and psychological testing services are billed at $250 per hour.

Our pre-licensed psychologists (Dr. Rashid & Dr. Roxandich) see patients at a reduced rate of $125 per session. The rate for Lorraine Tauriello is $150 per 45-minute session.

We accept all major credit cards, HSA/FSA cards, checks, and cash.


Although we do accept some insurance plans, most of our clinicians are considered to be an "out of network provider"with insurance plans. When considered out of network, many companies will cover a portion of therapy fees if you provide them with a receipt of your services. We encourage you to call your insurance and talk with them about their reimbursement policy for an "out of network mental health provider" to find out how much they can cover.  ​​​​

Please contact us directly if you would like more information on whether we are in network with your plan.

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