My Journey

I took my first psychology course while at college and was instantly hooked. I found a way to combine my interest in medicine with a better understanding of how people think and behave – leading me down the road towards behavioral medicine.


I went on to complete my doctorate degree in Clinical Health Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. For my final year of clinical training, I was fortunate to be accepted to the Health Psychology/Consultation Liaison Psychiatry Internship program at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. The following year, I started post-doctoral training at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical School within the Transplant Institute. 

Since obtaining my license as a clinical psychologist, I have enjoyed working in multiple fields that have complimented my training and interests. My primary role has been in private practice where I work with adults who are experiencing a diverse range of struggles - anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, phobias, grief, relationship difficulty, and many more. 

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As part of my private practice work, one of my major achievements has been designing and implementing an integrated care program that provides psychology services directly to patients at their primary care/family practice office. In addition to treating traditional mental health problems, I have also helped people cope with the psychological effects of medical conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, and obesity/overweight. 


I have also taken great pride in mentoring and teaching the next generation of psychologists and medical providers. I hold a clinical faculty appointment at Brown University and have presented at multiple psychology and medical conferences. I’m always happy to share my knowledge!