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Psychological Testing and Assessment

Our team of clinical psychologists has extensive experience in administering a variety of assessments including:

  • Bariatric surgery/ pain stimulator evaluations

  • Psychoeducational Testing

  • Autism Screening

  • Independent Educational Evaluations

  • Gifted Evaluations

  • Evaluations for Testing Accommodations

  • Evaluations for Accommodations in College

  • Concussion Evaluation/Management

  • Diagnostic Evaluations for ADHD and Learning Disabilities

Whether you are referred by a medical provider or are seeking out an evaluation on your own, we can help. Psychological testing typically occurs over several sessions and will first include an extensive clinical interview. Although a portion of services may be covered by insurance, the majority of the testing and report writing is paid out of pocket. After the initial interview, your clinician will provide an detailed explanation of what testing should involve and the approximate cost.

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