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Psychological Testing and Assessment


What is psychological evaluation and Why is it Used?


While psychological evaluations can seem intimidating or daunting, the purpose is to help gather information that will inform treatment. For example, students who may experience learning challenges may be referred for psychological evaluation to help pinpoint areas that may be contributing to some of the difficulties. An adult may be referred for psychological evaluation to better understand the impact of a head injury, especially if their ability to concentrate or focus has been impaired. A psychological evaluation would be helpful in identifying recommendations for managing these specific challenges. 

Our certified school psychologists and licensed clinical psychologists have extensive experience in administering a variety of assessments including:​​​

  • Autism Testing (children and adults)

  • Independent Educational Evaluations

  • Gifted Evaluations

  • Accommodations in College or Work Settings

  • Concussion/ Head Injury Evaluation

  • Diagnostic Evaluations for ADHD and Learning Disabilities (children and adults)

  • Memory/Dementia Testing

  • Bariatric surgery evaluations

  • Pain stimulator evaluations

Whether you are referred by a medical provider or are seeking out an evaluation on your own, we can help. Psychological testing typically occurs over several sessions and will include:

  • An initial consultation to gather detailed information about behaviors, symptoms, and concerns that may be contributing to difficulties

  • In-person testing sessions (typically 1-2 sessions)

  • The evaluator compiles all information into a detailed report that includes a diagnosis and recommendations

  • A final session is scheduled to review the results of the report and answer any questions you may have


We are considered “out of network” with most insurance plans and can provide a detailed receipt that can be submitted for out of network reimbursement. Reach out to us if you have any specific questions about reimbursement.

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