Sex Therapy & Sexual Disorders

Sex therapy is a broad term that can be applied to both individual therapy and couples counseling. It can involve:

  • Enhancing Sexual Satisfaction

  • Different Libidos (Mismatched Desire)

  • Lacking Sexual Desire or Interest in Sex

  • Inability to become physically aroused or excited during sexual activity

  • Sexual Anxiety or Avoiding Sex

  • Erection or Ejaculation Difficulties

  • Challenges with Feeling Aroused

  • Checking Out During Sex or Spectating 

  • Inability to Orgasm or Delay of Orgasm (Climax) 

  • Pornography Related Concerns

  • Relationships with a person who has a sexual behavior problem

  • Sexuality and Illness, Aging, and/or Physical Ability

  • Kink Affirming

  • Erotic Conflicts

  • Sexual Life After Trauma

  • Pain