Integrated Behavioral Health

The landscape of primary care and family medicine is quickly evolving. As medical providers move into diverse models of reimbursement, including ACO’s and capitated care, there are many advantages to having integrated behavioral health (IBH) services imbedded directly into the practice.


For many medical groups, finding and training the right behavioral health clinician can be daunting. I have helped multiple primary care clinics, as well as family medicine and pediatric practices, effectively integrate mental health screening and interventions. I understand that meeting your patients’ behavioral health needs is fundamental to both your patients’ health and to your practice’s bottom line. 


Integrated behavioral health services represent a radical departure from conventional "diagnose and refer" models by making mental health service accessible and less stigmatizing. IBH also improves likelihood of follow-up, enhances treatment outcomes, and decreases the burden on medical providers. Contact me for more information about consultation services.